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Why Costa Rica? Interesting Information


Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has everything that an international investor needs. It's a beautiful and politically stable county with good privacy laws and a favorable tax system.

It's no coincidence that companies like Procter &Gamble, Intel, Citibank, Roche, Microsoft and Abbot Laboratories continue to make huge investments in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica remains one of the safest and most attractive country for foreign investment in Latin America. The Costa Rican government, its ministries and financial institutions maintain a decidedly pro-U.S. and continental stance in regard to financial security and tax laws. The stated aim is to entice primarily high-tech corporations to take advantage of Central America's most educated, computer literate and disciplined workforce, along with the modern production infrastructure the country is currently creating. The economy is being transformed from its long-time dependence on coffee, bananas and cattle raising to one centered on microprocessor production and high-tech telecommunications services.

This investment-friendly climate and government policy of making Costa Rica "the Silicon Valley of Latin America" has enticed commercial leaders such as Acer, Microsoft, GE, Abbot Laboratories, Continental Airways and Intel Corporation to make sizable investments here, both financially and physically, with major production and distribution facilities. Western Union has chosen Costa Rica to host its Latin American regional operations center.

The World Bank has given Costa Rica an excellent bill of overall political and economic health. At its annual conference in El Salvador this year, the bank lauded the country as possessing "one of the most stable and robust" democracies in Latin America. It went on to praise the Costa Rica's "healthy economic growth rate" and "some of the best social indicators" on the continent.

Costa Rica is one of the most vocal supporters of continental free trade, and already has its own agreement with Mexico and other countries of the region. Costa Rica's numerous free trade zones and tax holiday opportunities are extremely enticing.

Costa Rica is building a competitive advantage for itself and the many high-tech companies who have chosen or are pondering the option to operate here. It is a country at a turning point in integrating itself into the modern world economy. Those doing business here will have the inside track.


Real Estate

All individuals and private companies, local or foreign, can own land and property in Costa Rica. Legal residency is not a requirement in Costa Rica to own property. Foreigners are entitled to the same ownership rights as citizens of Costa Rica.

Business Resources

CINDE, the Costa Rica Investment and Development Board, has been officially commissioned by the government of Costa Rica to be the main promoter and advisor to foreign investors. CINDE is a private, non-profit organization that provides complete and updated information on the economy and the business environment in Costa Rica, and helps in the initial contact with potential investors. It has an office in New York to provide tailor-made services. PROCOMER, the Foreign Trade Promotion Institute, can help exporters understand relevant legislation, acquire export permits, seize the advantages of market opportunities and chart their way through related fields of endeavor. CADEXCO, the Costa Rican Exporters Chamber, provides information to entrepreneurs, private and public institutions on export procedures and requirements; trade barriers and how to overcome them; how to sell products abroad; information on export credit lines and export contracts, international prices, etc.


Getting Here

The best way for potential investors to begin their search is to travel to Costa Rica and find out first-hand about the favorable business climate and opportunities.

Costa Rica is only 3 hours flying from many places in the southern U.S. Many non-stop flights are available to South America and Europe from Costa Rica. This makes business travel and vacation travel easy for those who work and retire in Costa Rica.


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